Mass Measurement of Hydrocarbon Fluids (Direct and Inferred)

2.4 CEUs

Teaches theory, installation, operation, and proving practices of mass measurement of light hydrocarbon fluids including mixes and spec grade natural gas liquids. Provides instruction in meter proving and calculation of meter factors for meters in high vapor pressure service (e.g., propane or mixed NGLs). Provides instruction and simulation/demonstration of densitometer proving by pycnometer and overview of pycnometer calibration. Demonstrates proper procedures and emphasizes safe practices; and provides instruction in the calculation of volumes of liquids at base conditions of single-grade light hydrocarbons from measured NGL mixes. Emphasis placed upon proper procedures and safe practices.

Length: 3 days

Course Content:

  • Fundamentals of measurement
  • Static and dynamic measurement
  • Proving a flow meter in high vapor pressure liquids
  • Proving a density meter high vapor pressure liquids
  • Overview of flow meter prover calibration by waterdraw or gravimetric methods
  • Overview of pycnometer calibration by the water weigh method
  • Mass measurement by turbine meter and densitometer or by Coriolis flow meter
  • Calculations for volume at base conditions from mass quantities and analysis of composite sample


Recommended For:

  • Measurement technicians and engineers with 1 to 5 years of experience
  • Those who witness or audit measurement

Included with Course:

  • For in-person classes only: Catered lunch daily; beverages and snacks provided
  • Course materials including instructor presentation
  • Field and classroom exercises

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October 24-28, 2022 Houston $2,385