Material Loss Control in Refineries and Petrochemical Plants

1.6 CEUs

This course covers the significant cash flow loss that comes from improper measurements or theft of materials from most refineries and petrochemical plants. Identifying the common sources of losses and how to detect both erroneous measurement and intentional diversion.

Participants must have access to a laptop or tablet capable of running Excel or an equivalent spreadsheet app with the ability to do advanced math functions. There will be exercises and group projects included during the course.

Length: 16 hours (M-Th 9:00-1:00pm CST)

Course Content:

  • Loss control and its financial and operations implications
  • Accounting for the Oil – balance pros & cons
  • Sources of loss and risk assessment
  • Measurement and instrument biases and recurring loss
  • Theft opportunities and practices
  • Methods for detecting losses and narrowing the areas of concern
  • Oil loss reduction investigations

Recommended For:

  • Engineers involved with measurement or loss control
  • Internal auditors and investigators covering material control
  • Electrical and civil engineers working on pipelines
  • (Participants must be able to perform engineering-level computations including the use of spreadsheets and built-in statistical and graphics function.)

Included with Course:

  • Course materials including instructor presentations.

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