Carbon Offset Deals and Economics – NEW COURSE

0.4 CEUs

In the Carbon Offset Deals and Economics course, you will receive comprehensive training on all aspects of the transactions, data analysis, and valuation of carbon offsets: underground carbon sequestration, voluntary carbon offsets from reforestation / trees / soils. This course will educate and equip you with the tools and resources needed to calculate the value of any carbon credits, and prepare you to transact.

Length: 4 hours (9:00-1:00pm CST)

Course Content:

  • Land Transactions for Voluntary Carbon Credits
  • Analytics and Comp Data
  • Value Drivers of Land for Carbon
  • Valuation of Voluntary Carbon Offsets
  • Voluntary Carbon Credit Economics
  • Value Drivers of Underground Carbon Storage
  • Valuation of Underground Carbon Storage
  • Regulated Carbon Credit Economics

Recommended For:

  • Energy Professionals
  • Carbon Capture Professionals
  • Financial Professionals

Included with Course:

  • Course materials including instructor presentations
  • One-month free subscription to Carbon PowerVal, economic web app to evaluate carbon capture assets in minutes
  • One-month free subscription to PowerDeals, online platform offering access to deals, leads, and data for all land resources

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June 9, 2022 Online $485