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The petroleum industry uses electricity in a number of ways. In lease operation, it is used for a wide range of applications from lighting to powering sophisticated computer production control systems. It is used for corrosion control, oil well pumping, pipeline pumping stations, and for operating equipment in refining plants. This book provides an overview of electricity and its uses in the oil and gas industry.

Topics covered include:


  • How electricity and circuits work
  • Generation of electricity
  • Electric motors
  • Transformers
  • Auxiliary equipment for electrical devices
  • Measurement of electricity

There are review questions at the end of each chapter. An appendix and a glossary add to the usability of the book. ISBN 0-88698-109-3. 1978, 152 pp.

cover of book and link to preview



This companion to Basic Electricity for the Petroleum Industry is designed to help the learner understand and retain the material covered in the book. Learning objectives are stated and comprehensive self-study question cover the main points in each chapter. ISBN 0-88698-136-0. 1981, 48 pp.

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