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This training manual introduces inexperienced personnel to the basic procedures, standards, and instruments used to measure oil and gas. It is intended as a primer for both those who measure oil and gas and those who witness measurement procedures. It can be used as an introduction for people new to the industry or as a reference for those knowledgeable about other areas of the industry but unfamiliar with measurement procedures and practices.

Topics include:

  • Tank measurement
  • Gauging petroleum and petroleum product heights in stationary tanks
  • Measuring the temperature, density, and suspended S&W content of liquids in tanks
  • Manual sampling of petroleum and petroleum products
  • Automatic sampling of petroleum and petroleum products
  • An introduction to LACT systems
  • Meters and meter proving
  • Orifice meter installations

This book is produced in cooperation with the API.
ISBN 0-88698-160-0. 1993, 184 pp.




This companion workbook to The Primer of Oil and Gas Measurement includes eight lessons that correspond to the eight chapters in the book. Each lesson includes a summary of the chapter in the book, a vocabulary list, and a set of questions. These lessons can be used to reinforce the information presented in the book or as a pre- and/or post-test for each chapter. Answer sheets are included in the workbook, but can be deleted if the lessons are used as test material.
ISBN 0-88698-173-5. 1993, 62 pp.

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