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A detailed full-color, labeled illustration of the key equipment of a drilling rig. This iconic PETEX poster is an effective instructional tool that identifies key rig components. Makes an attractive wall hanging suitable for framing. A detailed diagram poster in full-color that pictures and labels virtually every important piece of equipment on a rig. Available in five languages and safely shipped in a mailing tube.

Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and Chinese translated versions are avialable as well.

LAMINATED, Full color, English, 20" x 24", 2001. ISBN 0-88698-229-4.

Format Price Catalog No.  
English Laminated 20"X24" $37 2.00150L
English Non-Laminated 20"X24" $32 2.00150
English Laminated 8.5"X11" $10 2.00150L
English Non-Laminated 8.5"X11" $5 2.00150
Spanish Laminated 20"X24" $37 2.00152L
Spanish Non-Laminated 20"X24" $30 2.00152
E-Poster $20 2.00350L
Portuegese E-Poster $31 2.00156