Oilwell Drilling Primer e-Course

A collection of engaging e-learning modules assembled to help you understand drilling practices and key concepts that are essential in today’s oil and gas industry.

The content of the best-selling book, A Primer of Oilwell Drilling, has been transformed into interactive e-learning that lets you experience a drill rig up-close on your computer screen for detailed study. Special features and quizzes test learning. A focus on rig operations and new modules on Well Types and Formation Evaluation provide added value. If specific safety content is desired, you can select a course option that includes an add-on safety e-learning module provided at a significant price discount.

This e-course includes the following modules taught in the order below. To see the topics within each module just click on the module name:

elementary drilling screen shots

1. Introduction to Petroleum

2. Petroleum Geology

3. Petroleum Exploration

4. Types of Wells

5. Rotary Drilling Rig Types

6. People and Companies

7. Interactive Onshore Rig

8. Interactive Offshore Rig

9. Overview of Drilling Systems

10. Rotary Rig Components: Power System

11. Rotary Rig Components: Hoisting System

12. Rotary Rig Components: Rotating System

13. Rotary Rig Components: Circulating System

14. Blowout Prevention System

15. Routine Drilling Operations

16. Formation Evaluation

17. Well Completion Operations

18. Well Stimulation

19. Controlled Directional Drilling

20. Open Hole Fishing

21. Well Control

In order to successfully complete this course you will be required to:

  • Go through each module.
  • Complete the practice items.
  • Complete each module quiz with a passing grade of 70%. You will have 2 chances to complete each quiz.

At the end, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from The University of Texas at Austin. It should take you approximately 25 hours to complete this module.

For multiple licenses or to use the material in training, please contact us at 800.687.4132 or 512.471.5940 or by sending an email to info@petex.utexas.edu.

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