So You Want to Be a Roughneck? Certificate Program

Training Video with Online Assessment. You will have 1 year from the date of purchase to complete the 30 question assessment. Upon completion you will receive a certificate of completion. This video familiarizes entry-level rig floor personnel with what drilling is all about, regardless of the size or type of the land rig they’re about to go to work on. It contains three sections: rig equipment, personnel, and personal protective equipment. Explains that a considerable amount of hardware is needed to drill a hole in the earth, covers who’s who on the rig and what they do, and points out that floorhands must follow safe work procedures and wear proper protective equipment. 2002, 40 minutes.

For multiple licenses or to use the material in training, please contact us at 800.687.4132 or 512.471.5940 or by sending an email to info@petex.utexas.edu.


Distance Learning Certificate Programs FAQ

Catalog # Assessment Access Format Price  
65.6070AV 12 Months

Online Assessment

DVD Video