Basic Electronics for the Petroleum Industry, 4th Ed.

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This comprehensive training manual begins with simple electrical concepts and moves to more complex topics as the book progresses. The book has been updated throughout the years to reflect current technology. Beginning with an overview of basic mathematics and a presentation of the nature of electricity, the textbook moves through subjects such as batteries, Ohm’s and Power Law, conductors and insulators, magnetism, electrical components, semiconductors, digital logic and electrical test instruments.

A study of basic electronics is best done with a combination of text materials, self-study, classroom study, and lab exercises. Creative work with construction of these circuits enhances the student’s comprehension and practical knowledge of electricity. A number of electronic stores can provide components, integrated circuit chips, wiring boards, and other hardware to convert principles into reality. This book has 13 chapters, an extensive glossary, and review questions.
ISBN 0-88698-199-9. 2003, 238 pp.

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