Fundamental Principles of Gas Turbines

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Its small number of relatively simple moving parts make the gas turbine an ideal prime mover. A minimal amount of maintenance and adjustment yields many months of continuous, trouble-free service. The smoothness and freedom from vibration allow the gas turbine to adapt to extremely diverse operating conditions. Because they require no cooling medium, gas turbines are a favorite prime mover in arid regions of the world. Turbine-driven compressors are used by the petroleum industry for gas transmission, gathering, and reinjection service.

This training manual introduces the fundamental principles of gas turbines, including their design and physics. The book also covers lube-oil, fuel, air, and seal-oil systems as well as operation, control, and maintenance of gas turbines. Readable language and helpful illustrations and photographs aid the reader in comprehending the material. ISBN 0-88698-147-6. 1980, 88 pp.


This helpful review workbook is designed to help the learner understand and retain the material covered in the text. Three segments cover the chapters in the textbook. Each segment begins with a list of objectives to help students answer the test questions that follow each chapter. Recommended for readers of Fundamental Principles of Gas Turbines. ISBN 0-88698-148-4. 1981, 68 pp. Click here to learn more

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