Fundamentals of Petroleum, 5th Ed.

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The most comprehensive manual of its kind geared toward the broad spectrum of workers involved in today’s petroleum industry. From geology and exploration through drilling, production, refining, and environmental concerns, this easy-to-read text takes readers on a full-scale journey with the people and practices that help bring energy to consumers’ doorsteps. Covers the basics along with technological advancements. Clearly written and colorfully illustrated. Divided in five parts for usability and includes an index. A separate Online Assessment is available for additional purchase. Glossary terms are provided in the new edition of A Dictionary for the Oil and Gas Industry, 2nd Edition, also available for separate purchase. ISBN 0-88698-231-7. 2011. 720 pp.

Earn a Certificate! Learn about the petroleum industry from its origin to customer’s doorsteps and test your knowledge. Purchase the Fundamental of Petroleum Self-Study Program made up of the book with an online assessment. This self-study package includes a 500-question open-book test. Successful completion earns a valuable Completion Certificate from The University of Texas at Austin–PETEX and 4.0 CEUs.

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