Rig Math

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Published by Drilbert Engineering Inc.

Rig Math presents an easy way to learn the math used in drilling. It is a highly visual approach that makes math extremely easy and intuitive.

The visual approach is analogous to using a map to plot your course, rather than relying on a list of complicated instructions. The reader will learn to reason his way through any well control problem without using complicated equations or a kill sheet.

The manual covers the hierarchy of operations in equations, use of scientific calculators, multiplying fractions with words, conversion factors, elementary algebra, well control math, and practical problem solving.

The author is a Mechanical Engineer who worked 17 years as a rig hand. He started his career unable to perform the simple arithmetic necessary for elementary well control and mud engineering. Learning math on his own was a difficult struggle. It helped him understand the problems most rig hands encounter trying to learn math. He continued to work on rigs after attaining an engineering degree from the Colorado School of Mines. While teaching math to his coworkers he developed the intuitive method presented in this manual. He now uses this method to successfully teach math to hundreds of rig hands every year.

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