PETEX: Keeping Pace with Industry Training Needs Since 1944 Petroleum Extension (PETEX®), a unit of The Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin, is headquartered at the university’s J.J. Pickle Research Campus in North Austin. We also have training centers located in Houston and Odessa, Texas. For over 75 years PETEX has been at the forefront of global learning solutions powering the oil and gas industry. Through our industry connections, built over decades, we’ve gained unparalleled access to current expertise, as well as insight into the ever changing needs and challenges that our clients face. At PETEX, our ultimate goal is to give every student the knowledge that the industry requires to efficiently, effectively, and most importantly, safely do their job. We train industry professionals at all experience levels around the globe in new technologies, cutting-edge equipment, and current industry standards and practices that help build a more competent, prepared workforce. The educational opportunities that we offer today range from traditional instructor-led classroom courses to online courses – to match the needs and availability of those looking to learn more.

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Although PETEX receives valuable support from The University of Texas at Austin, its operational funding is derived solely from fees for course enrollments and product sales. No state funds are used to produce our learning products or programs.


For 75 years PETEX has been the original and premier provider of oil and gas training, starting in Texas and growing to provide training around the world. PETEX began in Texas in 1944 as part of The University of Texas at Austin. Education leaders in Texas recognized the need for training in the state’s largest industry and PETEX filled this need with training that traveled the state.

In the 1950’s PETEX began producing training films for the industry, opened its Odessa, Texas training center and developed training at Kilgore College. In the 1960’s PETEX grew to support 90% of the Permian Basin oil companies and put emphasis on providing Spanish language training materials. this opened the door to training in Venezuela and Mexico. Then, students from India, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Kuwait, and more began being trained by PETEX. In the 1970’s the first females student came to PETEX.

Into the new century and its second decade, PETEX continues to work closely with the oil and gas industry to meet your ever-changing needs to keep their workers highly trained and productive.

We train industry professionals around the globe at all experience levels in new technologies, cutting-edge equipment, and current industry standards and practices that help build a more competent, prepared workforce.

PETEX offers traditional instructor-led classroom courses as well as online courses. And each course can be customized for your organization. Our instructional designers work with you to define learning goals and align the course to your unique training needs.

Our commitment to your success remains constant. Partner with PETEX and advance your enterprise to be on the cutting-edge of technology and techniques.