PETEX is a recognized expert in blending industry and instructional expertise to provide top-quality educational materials for the benefit of industry professionals.

The following learning tools provide general knowledge that can apply to any and all aspects of the oil and gas industry for professionals including engineers, technicians, and fieldworkers.

Instructor-Led Training

LNG: Basics of Liquefied Natural Gas
Petroleum Fundamentals


Formation Evaluation
Introduction to Petroleum
Offshore Oil and Gas Leasing
Onshore Oil and Gas Leasing
People and Companies
Petroleum Economics
Petroleum Geology
Petroleum Exploration
Reservoir Drive Mechanisms
Well Planning


Oilwell Drilling Primer E-Course
Petroleum Fundamentals E-Course
Production Basics E-Course

Self-Study Programs

Fundamentals of Petroleum Self-Study Program
Land and Leasing Self-Study Program
Practical Petroleum Geology Self-Study Program


Applied Mathematics for the Petroleum and Other Industries, 4th Ed.
Arithmetic for Rig Personnel
Basic Electricity for the Petroleum Industry Workbook
Basic Electricity for the Petroleum Industry, 2nd Ed.
Basic Electronics for the Petroleum Industry, 4th Ed.
Changing The Way America Thinks About Energy: A Compendium of Commentary
Dictionary for the Oil and Gas Industry, A, 2nd Ed.
Fundamental Principles of Gas Turbines
Fundamentals of Petroleum, 5th Ed.
Gas and Liquid Measurement
Land and Leasing, 2nd Ed
LNG: Basics of Liquefied Natural Gas
Offshore Well Construction
Petroleum Geology and Reservoirs, 3rd Ed.
Practical Petroleum Geology, 2nd Ed.
Primer of Offshore Operations, A, 3rd Ed.
Quick Reference for Oil and Gas Measurement
Reciprocating Gas Compressors
Roughneck Training Handbook, The


Oil Lease and Its Components Poster, An