Name Title Phone Location
Joi Anderson Coordinator of Training 281.397.2458 Houston Training Center
Lois Bayonne Receptionist 281.397.2440 Houston Training Center
Deb Caples Senior Graphics Designer 512.471.5976 Austin Office
Dan Comstock Senior Instructor 281.397.2449 Houston Training Center
Virginia Dosher Technical Writer/Editor III 512.471.4621 Austin Office
Mary Lin Editor III 512.471.5958 Austin Office
Donnica Mitchell Business Services Coordinator 281.397.2442 Houston Training Center
Bob Parkey Director and Executive in Residence 512.232.1505 Houston Training Center
David Potts Assistant Director 512.232.1432 Houston Training Center
Sherry Rodriguez Accounting Manager 512.475.9024 Austin Office
John Scannell Information Technology Coordinator 512.232.0766 Austin Office
Nicole Sjolin Coordinator of Training 281.397.2452 Houston Training Center
Savannah Taylor Marketing Specialist 512.471.9969 Austin Office