Fueling the Industry Via Custom Courses

Even during a global pandemic, companies, associations, and governmental agencies need to continue to upskill and reskill their technical staff. Fortunately, PETEX has been able to continue to offer customized solutions to organizations to meet their specific training needs during unprecedented times.

PETEX Board of Advisors (BOA)

The PETEX Board of Advisors (BOA) held their first meeting of 2021 this May to discuss future PETEX plans, strategize business initiatives, and how to continue to best aid the energy workforce through industry-aligned, affordable, and effective continuing education programs and resources.

Deb Caples

It is rare to have an employee dedicate over 40 years of their life to a company. However, Deborah Caples, our Senior Graphic Designer, has done just that. For the last 43 years, Deborah has been responsible for designing, vetting, and publishing our PETEX catalogs, newsletters, publication artwork, and more. 

UT 40 for Forty

For over 75 years PETEX has been the original and premier provider of oil and gas training, starting in Texas and growing to provide training around the world. PETEX has been at the forefront of global learning solutions powering the energy industry. Through our industry connections, built over decades, we’ve gained unparalleled access to current expertise, as well as insight into the ever-changing needs and challenges that our clients face.

New collaboration and course

To best meet our customers' changing needs, we are committed to looking for new ways to expand our energy training portfolio.

Black Friday

It’s been a tough year; you deserve something special!

PETEX is offering 25% off on all online Instructor-Led Training courses currently scheduled for January - May 2021 this Black Friday (11/27). To see a full list of discounted live-online courses, please view our course schedule here.

2021 PETEX catalog

PETEX has been diligently crafting PETEX's first-ever exclusively online catalog.

Four New Online Short Courses to Training Portfolio

In 2020, the oil and gas industry has endured numerous forces that have required companies to assess business processes and products and be both agile and receptive to new and innovative ideas.

Pipeliners Association of Houston

When there is a need, we answer.

The Pipeliners Young Professionals (PYP) of Houston identified the need for on-demand quality and efficient online learning to support their members' professional development needs.

TexTalks webinar series

PETEX®, Texas Engineering Executive Education, and the Office of Research Relations have teamed up to bring the industry a new collaborative webinar series, Texas Engineering, TexTalks: Advancing Industry Through Innovation.