Fueling the Industry Via Custom Courses

02 June 2021

Even during a global pandemic, companies, associations, and governmental agencies need to continue to upskill and reskill their technical staff. Fortunately, PETEX has been able to continue to offer customized solutions to organizations to meet their specific training needs during unprecedented times.

This quarter PETEX has been working diligently with organizations to provide customized online instructor-led courses designed to meet their unique educational needs. Learn more about a couple of the organizations we have served this quarter below to discover examples of how PETEX can help your company drive better business initiatives through customized training.

Guyana National Bureau of Standards:

With the 2015 Liza Oilfield Discovery and the continuing discoveries, Guyana is poised to become a major global oil producer. With that rapid expansion comes new opportunities for the Guyanese workforce. According to Rigzone, “More than 2,300 Guyanese now provide on and offshore support for the Stabroek partners’ project activities – up more than 20% since late-2019.” The Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS), operating under the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, is a semi-autonomous governmental organization responsible for standards and quality in Guyana. It is also the National Measurement Institute (NMI), which provides an array of verification and calibration services to the various sectors. The mission of this Standards Body is to develop and implement the National Quality Infrastructure in partnership with key stakeholders, towards sustainable social and economic development and consumer protection. To support that mission, GNBS contacted PETEX for a custom course encompassing elements from all three standard Petroleum Measurement regularly offered by PETEX. “This new 40-hour course, covering topics from tank calibration & gauging, static density & measurement, flow meters, meter provers, to loss control is designed specifically for GNBS to ensure their oil & gas staff have the most current and industry-relevant information to support the sector,” said Dan Comstock, PETEX Lead Instructor. He continued, “This collaboration represents our commitment to global talent development, and I’m looking forward to this first engagement in this emerging market.”

GasLink and the Dominican Republic:

After successfully working with GasLink previously on Natural Gas training, GasLink and PETEX regrouped to assess industry needs and establish new courses to support safe and efficient LNG operations. Launching in fall 2021, we will deliver courses covering topics like Inventory of Natural Gas at the LNG terminal and at Vehicle Fueling Stations; Safety in the Environment of Natural Gas Operations; and Measurement of Natural Gas. According to Julio Adams, Gaslink Gerente General (and UT Austin MSTC graduate), “the Dominican Republic’s investment in LNG allows the country to reduce its dependence on petroleum, reduce CO2 emissions, and realize savings that can be invested in social sectors. PETEX helps us ensure that our regional workforce is prepared.”

We are proud to be providing organizations with unique training tools needed to propel the energy workforce forward. Interested in learning more about customized learning solutions for your organization? Please contact PETEX Training Coordinator Joi Anderson at training@petex.utexas.edu to receive more information and begin creating your enterprise’s customized learning solution.