PETEX Collaborates to Bring New Energy Resource Training

15 December 2020

To best meet our customers' changing needs, we are committed to looking for new ways to expand our energy training portfolio.

In doing so, we have collaborated with LandGate, a company that provides free data intelligence on oil, mineral, solar, wind, and water to help aid landowners and buyers in smart decision making.

In collaboration with LandGate, we have created a new bite-sized online course, Energy Resource Fundamentals to supply our clients access to comprehensive training on all aspects of ownership and valuation of energy resources.  This course teaches imperative topics such as property rights ownership, common ownership problems, valuation of land resources, and more needed to help you prepare for transactions and evaluations in various energy sectors.

Be the first to sign up for our February 17th course and learn more information by visiting our Energy Resource Fundamentals course page.