PETEX Leads UT Austin with Badge Offerings for Courses

08 September 2023

Digital badging has become an effective way for professionals to advance their skills and accomplishments in a certifiable, scaled approach. At The University of Texas at Austin, the Petroleum Extension (PETEX) offers the most robust selection of badging opportunities among all providers across the university, supporting workforce training in the oil and gas industry.

Badging offers learners an effective way to share their verifiable skills and talents through channels such as LinkedIn while learning about the achievements of others. It creates a community around professional growth while also allowing providers such as PETEX with an effective structure to organize learning into right-sized, stackable modules that build on proficiencies.

See full list of the PETEX courses with badge offerings.

Licenses & Certifications

It also lists it in their personal LinkedIn profile's "Skills" section, as seen below.

LinkedIn profile's Skills section
Digital badges are easily displayed as part of LinkedIn profiles, skills and credentials.

"PETEX has a long history of supporting Texas, the U.S., and many countries with needed workforce training and professional development. The fact that we offer 60 badge-certified courses speaks to how PETEX promotes learning across many subjects of need to improve production and efficiencies in the oil and gas industry," said John Scannell, PETEX operations manager.

PETEX courses offering badges include Instructor-Led Training, E-Learning, and online Self-Study programs. The most popular courses include:

Instructor-Led Training

  • Fundamentals of Petroleum Measurement
  • Intermediate Petroleum Measurement
  • Advanced Petroleum Measurement
  • Natural Gas Measurement
  • The Rig School
  • Petroleum Fundamentals


  • Well Completion Module
  • Surface Handling of Well Fluids Module
  • Production Basics E-Course
  • Petroleum Fundamentals E-Course
  • Fundamentals of Petroleum Self-Study Program
  • Land and Leasing Self-Study Program

The University of Texas badging system is administered by Open Badges, a leading international provider of verified digital badges and part of the certified Open Badges platform.

Visit the PETEX website for an overview of all course offerings.