Joe Pirkl Instructor Spotlight

23 April 2020

Joe Pirkl currently teaches the highly anticipated field trip portion of two different PETEX courses: Valves and Actuators and Pipeline Technology – Maintenance for PETEX®.

Joe Pirkl

Both of which get rave reviews from participants for the engaging hands-on presentations with information they apply immediately. Pirkl is a well-known and respected valve expert in the oil and gas industry. With decades of experience, he has acquired a lifetime worth of hands-on / minds-on maintenance and technical skills, making him an excellent instructor to his students.

Currently, Pirkl is the Global Integrity and Training Director for Sealweld in Houston, as well as an accredited ValvePro® Instructor. ValvePro, the well-known partnership between Sealweld and PETEX, provides the industry with the most comprehensive valve maintenance training to date. Through ValvePro, Pirkl has certified hundreds of learners, both nationwide and internationally. Not only does Pirkl certify and mentor countless students through ValvePro, he also ensures that students gain knowledge in topics such as types of valves, valve disassembly, valve maintenance, welding, emergency response actions, and more in his PETEX courses.

Outside of his professional life, Pirkl enjoys riding motorcycles, team roping, snowboarding, and fitness training.

We asked Pirkl how completing PETEX and ValvePro courses would help individuals in their job and career, he said, "By sharing knowledge, skills, and experience to help in the advancement of attendees career. On top of that, by gaining additional valve skills it provides attendees in the oil and gas workforce with a job mindset of working safely and understanding valve BEST practices so that as an industry we can all work towards keeping the public safe, keeping you and colleagues safe, and protecting the environment so that we all go home safe to our families each day!"

We are very fortunate to have Joe Pirkl as a PETEX instructor. We know he provides immense value to both individuals and companies that need to design, operate, and maintain fluid power systems. Check out our course schedule to register for one of his classes today!