Meter Assessment / Measurement Audit

0.4 CEUs

This virtual led course helps students prepare for and survive a measurement audit.

Length: 4 hours (9:00am-1:00pm CST)

Course Content:

  • Witnessing and inspection
  • Natural gas orifice plate meters
  • Natural gas cone meters
  • Natural gas turbine meter
  • Natural gas Coriolis meters
  • Natural gas ultrasonic meters
  • Natural gas sampling (manual and automatic)
  • Natural gas chromatography
  • Natural gas meter station design and installation review
  • Natural gas documentation review

Recommended For:

Measurement technicians, meter station operators, measurement supervisor, measurement engineers, measurement managers, measurement auditors, measurement witnesses, or any commercial sales and contract personnel (for information only).

Included with Course:

  • Course materials including instructor presentations.

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