Introduction to Energy Technology and Policy

1.6 CEUs

The worldwide energy sector is going through dramatic shifts in energy demand, end-uses, and sources. Population and economic growth are driving up total demand. Industrialization, urbanization, electrification, and motorization are changing how we use energy while a push for domestic, low-carbon, and renewable fuels is changing our sources of energy. At the same time, we are entering an era where markets, technologies, and policies are enabling dramatic increases in production of energy that is affecting global economies, the environment, and international security. In parallel, our energy and information sectors are merging to form smarter energy systems and more energy-intensive information systems.

For this course, Dr. Webber, a distinguished professor at the University of Texas at Austin and host of the PBS documentary series “Power Trip: The Story of Energy”, and his team of senior researchers will give a big-picture overview throughout this course of global energy trends mixed in with historical snippets, anecdotes, and unexpected examples that will give a surprising look into the past, present, and future of energy. The instructors will share entertaining insights and refreshingly candid views about the best and worst of energy policy, including real-world examples, outlook going forward, and global implications. These energetic and interactive lectures will cover the nexus of energy, technology, and policy with findings from recent research and projections into the future. While attendees will gain an overview of the technical and engineering fundamentals of energy— including the benefits and impacts of different fuels and the capabilities of different technologies- they will also gain insights into the role of energy in the economy, international affairs, and American culture.

Length: 8 days

Course Content:

  • Energy Basics: Transitions, Vocabulary, Uses
  • Fossil Fuels: Coal, oil, natural gas, midstream, and downstream
  • Renewable Energy I: Hydro, Wind, Solar
  • Renewable Energy II: Geo, Ocean, Bio, Wave, Tidal
  • Nuclear Power
  • Energy Policy
  • Energy for Industry and the Built Environment
  • Transportation Sector: Uses by Transport Mode, Electrification, Biofuels
  • The Electricity Sector I: Power Plants, Heat Rates, Capacity Factors
  • The Electricity Sector II: Transmission, Distribution, Smart grids, Microgrids
  • Energy & the Environment I: Air, Land, Water
  • Energy & the Environment II: Equity, Sustainability, and Climate Change
  • Energy Water Nexus
  • Food Energy Nexus
  • Energy Disasters, Reliability, and Resilience
  • Megatrends, Critical Technologies of the Future, Energy & Humanity

Recommended For:

Accompanying course lectures, course materials includes

  • Rising managers or mid-level executives in the energy industry who want to deepen and broaden their knowledge,
  • Professionals in coal, oil, or gas who wish to expand into clean energy topics, or
  • Professionals in other sectors such as finance, consulting, human resources, etc. who want to break into the energy sector.
  • While this course will introduce some engineering concepts, it is designed for engineers and non-engineers alike.

Included with Course:

Accompanying course lectures, course materials includes

  • Energy101: Energy Technology and Policy (interactive e-course),
  • Power Trip: The Story of Energy (e-book)

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Tuesdays & Wednesdays
10 am – 12 pm CST
beginning January 4th and ending January 26th , 2022
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