Hydraulics for Pipeline Engineers

3 CEUs

This course may assist in meeting requirements for DOT Operator Certification.

Covers basic pipeline hydraulics for engineers and design problems to include calculations for hydraulic gradients, pipe selection, telescoping, grade tapering, injection, and stripping. Discusses equipment and methods of surge control.

Participants should plan on bringing a laptop or tablet capable of running Excel or an equivalent spreadsheet app with the ability to do advanced math functions.

Length: 4 days

Course Content:

  • Introduction to pipeline hydraulics
  • Fluid characteristics and pipeline design codes
  • Basic hydraulics equations and friction loss equations
  • Energy and surge considerations and system control
  • Hydraulic gradient
  • Pipe selection and pumps
  • Pipeline economics

Recommended For:

  • Engineers new to the pipeline industry
  • Those who need a practical knowledge of liquid pipeline hydraulics
  • Electrical and civil engineers working on pipelines
  • (Participants must be able to perform engineering-level computations.)

Included with Course:

  • For in-person classes only: Catered lunch daily; beverages and snacks provided
  • Course materials including instructor presentations
  • Use of scientific calculator and measurement tools
  • Publications: Cameron Hydraulic Data and Crane Technical Paper 410

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Dec. 11 - 14, 2023 Houston $2,275
Aug. 26 - 29, 2024 Houston $2,275
Dec. 2 - 5, 2024 Houston $2,275