Pipeline Risk

0.8 CEUs

The Modern Pipeline Risk Assessment Course provides an overview of pipeline threats and consequences as well as the applicability of the different pipeline risk model types (Quantitative and Qualitative) to various risk management decisions. Also, this course will cover the essential elements and key concepts (inputs, Outputs, and algorithms) of modern risk assessment.

Length: 8 hours (T-W 9:00-1:00pm CST)

Course Content:

  • Pipeline risk definition
  • Integrity management program
  • Risk assessment
  • Integrity assessment
  • Pipeline Threats and consequences
  • Integrity management plan
  • Performance plan
  • Quality control plan
  • Response to integrity assessment and mitigation

Recommended For:

Modern Pipeline Risk Assessment course is recommended for professional individuals at all levels in both; privet and government sectors. Pipeline risk model is a fundamental part of the assessment of operational pipeline risk. Therefore, risk assessment must be understood by all levels to make risk informed decisions, prioritize pipeline segments, determine the most effective mitigation measures for the identified threats, and effective resource allocation.

Included with Course:

  • Course materials including instructor presentations.

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June 21-22, 2022 (Virtual) Online $985
November 2-3, 2022 (Virtual) Online $985