Production Basics E-Course


This course is made up of hands-on interactive multimedia training modules. You will understand the basics of oil production practices. You will also learn where petroleum comes from, the history of drilling for oil and transporting it, and how crude oil is transformed into valuable products. In addition, you will learn about some of the major forces driving the oil market and get an overview of the major petroleum industry sectors.

Students receive 0.8 Continuing Education Units and a Completion Certificate from The University of Texas at Austin.

This e-course includes the following modules taught in the order below. To see the topics within each module click on the module name:

In order to successfully complete this course you will be required to:

  • Go through each module.
  • Complete the practice items.
  • Complete each module quiz with a passing grade of 70%. You will have 2 chances to complete each quiz.

At the end, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. It should take you approximately 8-10 hours to complete this module.

For multiple licenses or to use the material in training, please contact us at 800.687.4132 or 512.471.5940 or by sending an email to

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93.C0110 12 Months $395.00