Control of Formation Pressure

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This is part of the Well Service and Workover Series

Producing wells are valuable only if they permit the controlled flow of gas and oil from an underground reservoir. Any well that is connected to a formation where gas, oil, or salt water exists under pressure may blow out of control if the pressure is sufficient to raise the fluid in the well to the surface. An uncontrolled flow of gas, oil, or salt water from a well is called a “blowout.” Blowouts can cause loss of life, property damage, waste of oil and gas, and damage to the producing formation.

The control of formation pressure—i.e., blowout prevention—during well servicing and workover operations is the subject of this training manual. Indications of a blowout, methods of obtaining control, and types of blowout preventer equipment are explained and illustrated for servicing and workover rig personnel, who should be alert to the hazard of high formation pressure and understand the principles of its control. ISBN 0-88698-065-8. 1971, 35 pp.

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