Well Stimulation Treatments, 2nd Ed.

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Well Service and Workover Series Lesson 11

By A. Richard Sinclair

This newly updated book addresses well stimulation treatments frequently used to rejuvenate old or poorly producing wells. Fracturing and acidizing treatments are common in U.S. oil operations with several thousand jobs performed every month. Many wells that would otherwise be classified as dry holes have been made into profitable producers by fracture, acid, or explosive stimulation treatments. In this book, A. Richard Sinclair, co-founder of Santrol Proppants, discusses effective stimulation techniques, new methods, and variables to consider in designing and implementing treatments. An educational perspective for those seeking fundamental knowledge of a widely publicized and discussed topic, especially as it relates to production in today’s shale plays. Readable language, clearly labeled images, and helpful self-test review questions help readers fully understand this subject. ISBN 978-0-88698-209-6. 2012, 112 pp.

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