Rotary, Kelly, Swivel, Tongs, and Top Drive

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This publication is Lesson 4 of Unit 1 of the Rotary Drilling Series (RDS)

What kind of equipment does the actual drilling on a rotary rig? Before rotary drilling became the industry standard, rig crews would attach a sharp tool to a cable and continuously drop the bit onto the ground, gradually gouging out a hole that would have to be cleaned out by hand. Rotary drilling, with the kelly and swivel or top drive, has revolutionized the industry and made the operation more efficient. This comprehensive training manual acquaints the reader with the function and operation of the rotary table assembly, master bushing, kelly bushing, slips, kelly, swivel, top drive, and spinning and torquing devices. The book also covers maintenance for the components. Readable language, clearly labeled illustrations and photographs, a glossary, helpful appendixes, and self-test review questions help the reader to comprehend the material.
ISBN 0-88698-172-7. 1995, 164 pp.

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