The Auxiliaries, 3rd Ed., Revised

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This publication is Lesson 9 of Unit 1 of the Rotary Drilling Series (RDS)

This book describes the auxiliary rig equipment used for rotating, hoisting, and circulating operations and for controlling wells. Besides drilling equipment are the tools that allow the crew to work with pipe, the instruments that monitor drilling, the equipment that provides water and electricity, and the equipment that makes jobs safer. This newly revised edition covers types of rig handling equipment and the sensors, indicators, and recorders that assist operations. There are a myriad of drilling tools discussed including integrated drilling systems. Fuel, water, and power systems are a focus as well as rig cleanup equipment and fire protection systems. This edition includes 4-color illustrations, summaries, review questions, and a helpful glossary. ISBN 0-88698-184-0. 2014, 128 pp.

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