Buoyancy, Stability, and Trim, 2nd Ed.

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This publication is Lesson 3 of Unit 5 of the Rotary Drilling Series (RDS)

Lesson 3 of the Offshore Technology series is equal parts nautical and petroleum, a combination unique to offshore rig workers. This updated manual is a basic and thorough discussion of the factors that make a floating drilling unit seaworthy. The text defines buoyancy, stability, and trim and, by means of several diagrams and photographs, explains the role each plays in keeping a floating rig on even keel.

Readers learn why a rig floats; what makes an offshore rig as seaworthy as any vessel; how a rig can drill just as effectively over water as on land; and why buoyancy, stability, and trim matter. In addition to the topics named in the title, the book covers drilling unit operations and touches on problems unique to offshore rigs such as roll, floating drilling units, mooring lines, and damage stability. This book is a must for entry-level barge engineers. Clearly labeled pictures and illustrations, a glossary, and helpful review questions help the reader to comprehend the subject better.
ISBN 0-88698-200-6. 2004, 122 pp.

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