Oil Pipeline Construction and Maintenance, 2nd Ed.

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This training manual, along with related volumes on other phases of the industry, is intended to serve as a source of information regarding the transportation of many commodities by pipeline. The overall view of the industry in the first chapter indicates the applicability of the pipeline method of transportation to many and varied substances. The variety of substances and their still greater variety of properties and flow characteristics show that each phase has its own requirements of design, construction, operation, and maintenance.

In this volume on construction and maintenance most attention is given to crude oil trunk pipelines. Criteria for construction and maintenance of crude oil trunk pipelines are in many respects common to those for all other pipelines. These criteria may be changed and modified as required for transport of other commodities and for phases of the industry other than trunk pipelining. The various phases of construction and maintenance are not treated in an exhaustive manner. Application of the practices and procedures suggestions should, however, contribute to the construction and maintenance of pipelines that are better from the standpoint of economy, employee safety, public safety, and pollution prevention.

Readable language and clearly labeled illustrations and photographs help the reader to understand the subject. 1973, 153 pp. ISBN 0-88698-078-X.

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