Pipe Line Construction, 3rd Ed.

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Developing from the crude bamboo tubes of the ancient Chinese, modern pipelines cross harsh terrains and link hostile ocean depths to meet the needs of an energy-hungry world. Moving through the lines silently, swiftly, and economically, massive amounts of petroleum products and other materials are transported to consumers around the world. Without the vast and complex pipeline system—and the technology and people who make it possible—the modern world would be a vastly different place.

This comprehensive full-color training manual describes pipeline history, innovation, and construction, including specialty construction such as river crossings and offshore pipelines. The book not only describes how the industry operates but also presents why transporting petroleum products by pipeline is a safe, reliable, and cost-effective means of transportation. This book is sponsored by the Pipe Line Contractors Association. Purchase also includes a folded pipeline construction poster. Readable language and clearly labeled full-color illustrations and photographs help the reader to understand the material. ISBN 0-88698-096-8. 1984, 129 color illustrations, 122 pp.

Pipeline Construction Poster

Full-color poster of a pipeline spread. Suitable for framing. 1984. 11” × 32”.

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